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Welcome to Tomoko's World, Tomonster! Your presence here warms my heart, and I'm truly delighted to share a glimpse of my creative universe with you. I go by the name Tomoko, and my artistic journey has been an incredible adventure of self-discovery and boundless imagination. As a self-taught artist originating from the captivating landscapes of Japan, I find inspiration in the interplay of cultures that have shaped my life.

The amalgamation of "Tomoko" and "Monsters" to form "Tomonster" encapsulates the essence of my art. It's a reflection of my desire to infuse playfulness, wonder, and a touch of the fantastical into every piece I create. While my current canvas rests under the Arizona sun in Tucson, my origins trace back to the artistic haven of Seattle, WA. Yet, the heartstrings of Tokyo, Japan, continue to pull me back, reminding me of my roots.

Growing up immersed in the kaleidoscope of Japanese cartoons, my artistic vision has blossomed from the kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and narratives that these animations wove together. The allure of vibrant hues, the quirkiness of the unconventional, the allure of all things cute (Kawaii), and the allure of otherworldly realms have become the signature elements of my work. However, the true magic lies in witnessing the reactions of those who encounter my art—seeing their faces light up with genuine smiles is a testament to the power of creativity to evoke joy.

In my own modest way, I aspire to illuminate corners of our world with a little more positivity and radiance. Each brushstroke, each composition, is an invitation to explore the extraordinary in the everyday. Through the canvas, I hope to convey not just colors and forms, but also emotions and stories that resonate with your own experiences.


By embarking on this artistic journey with me, you're becoming a part of a community that values imagination, beauty, and shared moments of delight. Your support is a beacon that propels my artistic vision forward, and I'm excited to have you as a fellow traveler in this creative odyssey. Together, let's paint the world with the vivid hues of inspiration and let the canvas of our lives flourish with the joy of art. Thank you for joining me on this enchanting adventure.

Feb. 2007 Fresh Flour Cafe, Solo show, Seattle, WA / Apr. 2009 Euro Design, Solo Show, Seattle, WA / Jul. 2009 Snowmonkey, Solo Show, Seattle, WA / Dec. 2009 Local Color, Group show, Seattle, WA / Mar. 2010 Schmancy! Group Show, Seattle, WA / May 2010 Oasis Gallery, Group show, Seattle, WA / Jul. 2010 Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle, WA / Aug. 2010 Portage Bay, Solo show, Seattle, WA / Oct. 2010 Bottle House, Solo show, Seattle, WA / Jul. 2011 Revive + Gallery, Solo show, Vashon Island, WA / Dec. 2011 Portage Bay, Solo show, Seattle, WA / Dec. 2011 Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle, WA / 2012 Martini Design Custom Business cards, Seattle, WA / 2013 Microsoft, Cafeteria, Permanent Glass print install, Redmond, WA / 2013 CMA, Solo Show, Seattle, WA / 2015 Swedish Hospital, Nursery, Permanent Display, Seattle, WA

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